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About Us

We are a group of professional architects, interior designers and specialists,  from different backgrounds, focused on providing the most tailored, favorable, and feasible project & space design to our Clients.  

We provide online consultation services for Clients who require advice on existing designs, existing projects, apartments, villas or even rooms, Clients who desire to explore options or simply have queries on how to move forward with their projects. 

We also provide Conceptual architectural & Interior design services, all according to our Client's design requirements and their budget. 


We at ANK, believe that space design is a universal emotional language with major effect on our state of being. 

a space, makes us sense gratitude for having it, sense love for creating it, delightfulness through visual beauty and arrangement, satisfaction through functionality, confidence through quality, peace through order & energy flow, and happiness for the language it has spoken.  

ANK Team


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