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Nouf Al Khubaizi

Ever since I can remember, my mother’s favorite pastime was art, and I take after her. We used to bond over creating our home artwork, painting our furniture, or recycling our home accessories.

When she noticed that like her, I had an eye for art, she tried to encourage and support me in so many ways to improve my skills and follow through with my passion.

When the time came to choose my career specialty, It was crystal clear that studying Architecture and design would be the right choice for me. It would feed my love for Art and beauty while still engaging my mind’s analytical and scientific side.

As My learning and experience grew, I realized that my personal spiritual path was drawing my attention towards the impact of my designs on people and on the environment. This unfolding awareness was the reason I started offering the option of incorporating green building solutions and feng shui elements to my clients. 

My strength lies in my vivid attention to detail merged with generous flexibility that carries my projects from vision to reality.


Successful communication with my clients has always enabled me to create their desired spaces optimized by my expertise to  provide a balanced mix of luxury and warmth, aesthetic and functionality.

I held different positions in multiple successful hospitality, commercial and residential projects, including contract architect, freelancing architect and project manager. I also managed several projects as an interior designer, design manager and decluttering specialist.

My passion is to create spaces where my clients feel completely satisfied, happy and proud.

Nouf Al Khubaizi


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